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Discover the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy sessions in Notting Hill, West London. Counselling generally focuses on what’s happening to you in the present, including stress and other difficulties at work or at home. Going deeper, psychotherapy provides a safe environment in which to explore past traumas, while helping you work towards managing challenging emotional patterns and habits.


If you have recently lost your job, gone through a break-up, or just felt more stressed than usual, counselling provides a therapeutic solution to any problems you may be facing in the present. During a counselling session, we look at your immediate symptoms and behaviour and how these are impacting your life, rather than delving into your childhood or past.

In counselling, I will help to equip you with workable, short-term tools to break out of negative thoughts and habits. As a result, counselling usually lasts for a shorter duration, starting from just 6 sessions and rarely exceeding 6 months of treatment. Depending on your needs and comfort, counselling is available in one-to-one sessions, couples’ therapy, and even group settings.


Psychotherapy places an emphasis on creating a space for you to feel comfortable to open up and share experiences from your past. Similar to counselling, this will also provide a safe place for you to share your thoughts and concerns, and work towards helping you managing negative feelings and habits. However, the angle is slightly different and more in-depth.

The therapy focuses on emotions and experiences you encountered growing up - as a child or young adult - as well as your presenting symptoms and issues, in order to shed light on how these experiences have shaped who you are today. Once these buried experiences are brought to the surface, the accompanying emotions may be fully processed, and ultimately, released.

For this reason, psychotherapy is normally a frequent (anywhere from 1 – 5 times a week) and long-term process (6 months to several years), allowing you the time and space you need to fully open up. Psychotherapy also deals with mental health conditions that have developed over a longer period of time and works with more complex mental health conditions, such as:


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

  • Long-Term Anxiety Disorders

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